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Elevate your spaces with our exquisite selection of premium porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles, captivating mosaics, and cutting-edge SPC flooring. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of materials, meticulously curated to meet the highest quality standards. Collaborate with us to turn your visions into reality. 







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Montecera Flooring brings you the most desirable designs with the latest technology.

We are supporting our tile ranges with different accessories. You will enjoy enriching your projects with different types of decorations. We are offering you new stylish stone, cement, contemporary look tiles which will give you great ideas.

Porcelain is a versatile and durable material that will add charm to your home.

With new advanced production technologies, designs and colors more attractive ever. Our lines will perfectly fit with both indoor and outdoor use. In our current range, you will find color-body and polished tiles as well.

All you need is pick one of wood effect, stone effect, marble effect or cement effect porcelain tile to start your project.

Your new look home is only one click away.


Montecera Flooring has the exclusive selection of Natural Stone, our product range includes travertine, marble, limestone.

We present you different finish, edge options to catch your dream home. We control all stone production process starting from the quarry to on pallet, with this way we are sure that you will have the finest quality all time.

Every tile has its own unique pattern, texture, and color. All this combination brings you an everlasting look. With correct good care, your stone tiles will last generations.

Our natural stone tiles are right for inside and outside use and we have a variety of sizes available so you can find the right fit your project.

Natural Stone is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to transform their home luxury look. We can also offer you several types of mosaics to enrich your home look. Please contact us to obtain more details about Natural Stone Mosaics.


Montecera Flooring has the exclusive selection of luxury SPC flooring, inspired by the natural beauty of wood with wood feel surfaces. These low-maintenance floors are stylish and perfect for any living spaces and rooms.

Montecera SPC flooring solution is quick & easy to install with it’s click locking system, antibacterial, pet friendly, 100% waterproof. Presents healthy flooring choice with no formaldehyde, no phalates, no heavy metals, no benzene, no plasticizes.

These premium top quality products meet and exceed all European & North American Quality Standards, ISO & CE & ASTM.

It is perfect choice with scratch resistant, fire resistant, wear resistant, safe and slip resistant surface, ultimate shield surface coating which provides industry leading and superb scratch, stain and wear resistance.

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